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Yes, Bieden & Wonen is active throughout the entire country and works closely with affiliated real estate agencies who receive training to apply the concept in your local housing market. Contact the head office to get a selection of affiliated brokers in your area.

Yes, Bieden & Wonen works closely with various brokers per province, city and even per village. We use local real estate expertise at all times to promote the sales process. Our database currently consists of more than 800 offices in the Netherlands.

Contact a Bieden & Wonen employee to receive our rates for selling your property. The brokerage commission varies per property.

You can already sell your house by auction for just € 495.00 (incl. VAT).

In some cases we charge auction costs to the buyer. These costs are also referred to as the “Premium’. These costs can be found in the “Special Auction Conditions” section if they apply to the relevant home.

No, you are never required to sell your property. At the end of the bidding process, the selling party can either grant or withdraw the property. In other words: the seller can reject any bid at any time and does not have to proceed with the sale.


The seller can also sell the property immediately and cancel the online auction if he receives any acceptable offer during the online bidding process. You do not have to wait until the action ends.

Yes, we can promote your home on a number of platforms. Think of Funda.nl, but also Jaap.nl, Pararius.nl, Huislijn.nl and much more. In addition, we can also carry out national mailing campaigns aimed at purchasing agents.

Please contact the head office at 085-1302361 to discuss your specific case. It may be possible that your current sales broker is already in our database. If that is the case, then you can use our service through your current sales broker.

You can register via our website as a candidate for a property. You can then view the property with the relevant selling agent (who has registered the relevant property). After you have viewed the property, a Bieden & Wonen employee will validate your account and personal data that you have submitted via the registration form on our website. If your data has been approved, you will be notified and gain access.


You can now bid on the property (do not forget to state in your account what your resolutive conditions are).

Yes, that’s possible. Sign up as a purchasing agent through our website and enter your details. Bieden & Wonen will verify your data. After approval you can bid on behalf of your customer.

Are you a member of the industry association “Vastgoedpro”? Then you can register homes free of charge on the Bieden & Wonen platform. Contact Bieden & Wonen to receive these conditions.

No, this is a voluntary auction. You are never obliged to sell. The price starts at the minimum/target price and then increases.

We apply a maximum sales period of 45 days. During this time we want to obtain the highest offer for your home. Bieden & Wonen always takes care of the entire mediation process if you have not opted for a local sales agent. In this case, one of the Bieden & Wonen branches will take care of everything for you, from taking professional photos to the aftercare and final transaction through a chosen notary’s office.