Amsterdam – Amstel 132B

Bieden vanaf: € 795.000


Content: 266 m3
Living area: 83 m2
Plot: 0 m2
Construction year: 1970
Number of rooms: 3


Deze woning wordt vanaf 1 maar 2020 op de markt aangeboden. Heeft u interesse dan kunt u contact opnemen met de contactpersoon van deze woning via Bieden & Wonen.

Kenmerken van de woning:
– Penthouse met adembenemend uitzicht!
– Eigen grond
– VVE kosten:
– Inclusief berging op BG
– Voorzien van een lift, met eigen sleutel. Directe toegang vanuit lift naar penthouse

Currently this property is not yet on market for sale. We will start the sale of this property on the 1st of March 2020. If you are interested in the property, please contact the real estate agent / contact person of this property via the agency Bieden & Wonen.

Most important features of property:
– Penthouse with magnificent view!
– NO ground lease
– VVE costs:
– Included storage on ground floor
– This penthouse provides an elevator directly to the penthouse (with own key)


Bieden vanaf

€ 795.000

Subject to award by the owner of the property. If you make a bid in the last 15 seconds of the remaining auction time, the auction is automatically extended by 5 minutes each time.

Subject to approval by the owner of the property.

Contact person

Estate agent