Start as a master franchisee outside the Netherlands. Transparent bidding platform.

At Bieden en Wonen we sell homes through our tailor-made auction software. Due to the great success in the Netherlands, we now want to cross the border and we are looking for a master franchisee who can and wants to operate Bieden en Wonen in his / her country. Our software is tailor-made for the country by franchisor Bieden en Wonen Nederland.
Start as a master franchisee outside the Netherlands. Transparent bidding platform.

At Bieden en Wonen we like transparency. Through our automated bidding platform, people can bid against each other in a transparent manner. Each offer is transparent, as well as the resolutive conditions per bidder. This is a great wish for sellers, but also for buyers. We are currently also investigating the market outside the Netherlands. For this we are looking for a master franchisee for outside the Netherlands. This franchisee can recruit new franchisees among himself. Are you good at and familiar with managing entrepreneurs? Are you familiar with franchise? Do you have experience in real estate in Germany? Then we may be looking for you as a master franchisee. Because our concept has been a proven success since 2008, we want to cross the border.


Ask your questions to Caspar.

+31 (0)6 38 20 97 60

Caspar Phijffer – Franchise Owner

‘With the right group of entrepreneurs, we can make this non-transparent real estate world transparent for sellers and buyers with a unique bidding platform and innovative revenue model.’

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Caspar Phijffer, founder en formule eigenaar

Caspar Phijffer, formule eigenaar Bieden en Wonen

Example bidding procedure and earnings model


Advantages for you as a master franchisee:

Voordelen formule

  • take a large working area and recruit new franchisees as master franchisee
  • distinctive sales method through online bidding (new concept)
  • for invested auction software and tailor-made for the country
  • a professional tailor-made bidding platform
  • you get your own customer relationship system (broker CRM system)
  • the power of franchise, together you stand strong
  • have a large exclusive work area with its own licenses


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Requirements for a master franchisee outside the Netherlands

Brokerage experience / broker’s diploma is a requirement to start as a master franchisee.
In addition, we look at the entrepreneurial profile, knowledge of people, entrepreneurship, a commercial attitude, good communication skills and perseverance of the master franchisee . Furthermore, a good command of the English language in speech and writing is a requirement and for the master franchisee to be able to speak the language of the country well.

Bieden en Wonen offers homes for sale through its transparent online bidding platform. Buyers can make their bids online on this. Sellers watch live and always have insight into the selling and bidding process. We drive up the price for sellers through this innovative way. This modern way of selling is becoming increasingly popular.


Office Amsterdam De Pijp.  


The central organization takes care of your administration and the franchisee takes care of the acquisition. 


Recruitment and selection procedure

  1. Share franchise brochure
  2. Aspiring master franchisee shares work experiences via
  3. Telephone intake interview with formula owner Caspar Phijffer
  4. First introductory meeting at the head office of Bieden en Wonen in Amsterdam South East
  5. Second introductory meeting and discussion of costs, figures and work area
  6. Exchange of the PID (Pre-contractual information document)
  7. Stand still period of 4 weeks
  8. Franchisee makes liquidity forecast (and possibly a business plan).
  9. Application for any necessary financing
  10. Finding an office location (obligation)
  11. Signing the franchise agreement
  12. Signing the lease of office space


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