Sales Strategy: Online Bidding

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Bieden & Wonen is today’s most modern broker and helps you sell your house. At Bieden & Wonen we only use the most modern technology to sell your home.

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You will reach via our increasing bid platform the best price for your property. Below you will find all the activities we will do for you. All the necessary activities (from A to Z) in included.

How can we keep the total costs of the seller this low?
Bieden & Wonen is an auction house and that’s the reason we will charge most of the times auction-fee to the buyer. Also known as Buyers Premium. If you wish to sell with us you will be able to only have the presentation and/or promotion costs. You can choose one of the following packages as published here. If you have any questions please contact us via 085 130 23 61 or

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How does this auction-fee works for a buyer?
In order to explain the auction-fee which we will charge to buyers, we will give you a short example. Seller X will receive an offer online via our increasing bid platform from the Buyer Y. This offer will be in this example €240.000. Once the offer has been done by the Buyer Y, we give an estimation of the total costs of the buyer (kosten koper), included our auction-fee of €2.995,00. The auction-fee will be added to the offer of Buyer Y. This makes a total sum of €242.995 k.k. So right now the buyer’s purchase price is €242.995. Optionally the Buyer can get a full mortgage of this amount and so it could be beneficial for both parties. Seller X only will be charged for one of our packages he/she has chosen up front.

What do we do?

Home registration & valuation

  • Home acquisition by sales broker
  • Valuation and pricing advice
  • Surface and other measurements
  • 2D and 3D floor plans
  • Photos by professional photographer

Legal & aftercare

  • Drawing up property info questionnaire
  • Check cadastral classification
  • Drawing up list of moveable property
  • Drawing up purchase agreement
  • Counsel and aftercare at notary

Marketing & home presentation

  • Publication on Funda (optionally also on,, Funda Europa,, and more)
  • Online bidding platform on Bieden & Wonen
  • “For Sale” sign and stickers
  • Layout of ad text
  • Guidance viewings & open house

Bids & negotiations

  • Unique transparent online bidding platform
  • Notifications with each new bid
  • Follow bids live 24/7
  • Negotiation after all bidding rounds
  • Under notarial supervision

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