Extra attention for your home ?

Extra attention for your home ?

Sometimes a house needs just that little bit of extra attention. That’s why we have the Bieden en Wonen extra attention modules.


Funda Blikvanger – €175
With the Funda Blikvanger, your home gets extra space, and therefore more attention in the results list. With a Funda Blikvanger gets an average of 33% more views. The Funda Blikvanger has a duration of 3 months.

Funda Blikvanger

Funda Toppositie – €100 / €175
Do you want your house to remain at the top of funda’s results list? Then choose the Funda Toppositie. A duration of 1 week costs € 100, 1 month costs € 175.

Funda in Beeld – starting from €250
Do you not only want to stand out with your home among people who specifically search your area, but among funda visitors throughout the country? With Funda in Beeld you will be on the funda homepage for a duration of 1 month. Choose in which provinces you want to promote your home.

Home presentation

Video – €125
Moving images can help to really bring your home to life. Click here to see an example video.

3D Tour – €250
A 3D Tour gives buyers the opportunity to walk through your home, without being physically present. Click here to see an example of a 3D Tour.

Artist Impression – €90 per room
With Artist Impression we can digitally furnish your home. It can happen to see the full potential of a home due to the absence of furniture, or because the building is in a bad shape. With us you can pick one of our four different decorating styles in which we can furnish your home digitally.



Social Media Boost

If you choose the ‘Laten Doen’ package, a social media post is included as standard. This post will be seen by our followers and anyone you share the post with. Do you also want to reach people outside of our and your network? Then we can do a Social Media Boost, with a budget of your choice. We then increase the reach of the post via Instagram and Facebook by specifically showing it to home seekers in your region. A social media campaign runs for 10 days, depending on the budget we can reach more potential buyers.
Extra reach potential buyers
€50 10,000
€100 20,000
€200 40,000

Example of a Facebook ad (left) and a Instagram (story) ad (right)

Using modules
Do you want to use one of the above modules? Contact your Bieden en Wonen broker.