How does online bidding work?

Via our online bidding platform a bidder easily can place bids on your property, while you have 24/7 insights on all the biddings.

Both the seller and the buyer often have fully insight into the bidding process. In the traditional way of selling the bidders has no opportunity to see bids of other parties and the optional resolutive conditions. Due to our online bidding platform we do make this fully transparant for both the seller and the buyer. Via traditional brokers you never know real-time what bids are be placed or has been done. The demand to transparency in the market is huge. Bieden en Wonen has developed a unique system for this.

Example of a property on our bidding platform

You will always be aware of bids real-time

With Bieden en Wonen, unlike many other brokers, you have full insight into all the bids that are placed on your home, including the corresponding resolutive conditions. Thanks to our system, every bidder gets a fair chance to make a bid, and you know exactly what has being offered.

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Bids are always unconditional

Just like a bid on your home via a traditional broker, bids on your home via the online bidding platform are always unconditional. You decide at the end of a round of biddings, whether you are satisfied with the highest bid, or if you want to continue with a next bidding round. There is no limit to the number of bidding rounds that we organize for you.

Auctioneer, notary and broker

A recognized auctioneer, civil-law notary and a Bieden en Wonen broker is involved in every bidding round to guarantee continuity and transparency of the sales process.

This is Mr. Niels Kooijman, our auctioneer.

Screening of all bidders

A bidder can only make an offer for a property once he/she has viewed the property. The bidder simply creates a Bieden en Wonen bidder account via our website where he/she provides all personal- and financial information. After this we immediately start validating the bidders based on their ID.

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