The online bidding platform: clarity for everyone

Via our online bidding platform a bidder easily can place bids on your property, while you have 24/7 insights on all the biddings.
The online bidding platform: clarity for everyone

With the online bidding platform, Bieden & Wonen returns control of the purchase and sales process to the buyer and seller. Together with the agent, the seller chooses which bidding strategy best suits the property: open bidding or closed bidding.

Our goal is to inform you as well as possible throughout the entire process, so that you know more and can act better. Honest, without haggling or favoritism.

Open bidding: everyone follows everything live

With open bidding, everyone sees each other's bids in real time. Bidders can easily bid against each other in this way. Bidders can be recognized by an anonymous bidder ID. Additional information is shown with all bids, such as the type of bidder (private or investor), the resolutive conditions and whether, for example, a purchase Agent is used. This bidding procedure is mainly used in regions with a high demand for housing.

Closed bidding: everything recorded in a digital bidding log

With closed bidding, the bidding round is completely protected. Until the end of the bidding round, the bids are not visible to anyone, not even to the selling party. Only after the bidding round has ended does the selling party gain insight into the bidding log. As with open bidding, additional information about the bidders is then made available. This bidding
procedure is often selected by sellers of special objects.

Bidder registration and verification

After viewings, viewers can register here to bid. We check all bidders for a valid identification document. We also request applicable bidding conditions, such as a financing condition. After verification, bidders can place a bid until the end of the bidding round.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, as a bidder you must first be screened. A bidder can only make a bid on the house once he or she has viewed the house and has a verified Bieden & Wonen account. After creating an account, we check the financial details and the identity of the bidder.