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Our experienced real estate agencies will advice you which of the below strategies suits the best with your property in order to achieve the best sales price. See our sales strategies below.

Sell your property


Are you thinking of selling your property?

Bieden & Wonen is the most modern estate agency with who you can sell your property at this moment. Most of the real estate agencies are familiar with selling their properties via the traditional way of selling. With Bieden & Wonen we will check your property and give you advice in which strategy suits the most to your property. Every property is different and therefor we believe that every property deserve special attention. Our agents are licensed to sell properties with Bieden & Wonen and we, therefor, can give you the best advice. Transparency, trust and capabilities are important for us and our agents.

Which strategy suits your property the best? Check our two different strategies below.

If you wish to make an appointment, please contact one of our Bieden & Wonen locations.  Contact one of our locations here.


Choose one of our strategies below


In 3 steps the best offer for your property

  • 1

    Intake by our selling agent

    One of our selling agents will come by and explain you which strategy suits your property the best. Also we will do a valuation free of charge.
  • 2

    Choose one of the strategies

    After you have met one of our selling agents you can choose whether you would like to go forward with Bieden & Wonen or not. If so, we will choose the strategy with your approval. After we make an appointment with you to do the paperwork.
  • 3

    Sales proces start!

    You have choses the strategy, have given us the approval to sell your home and now our prof. photographer will contact you in order to make an appointment to make photo's. From now on we will start the whole proces in order to get the best price for you home.
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Success stories

+ 7%!
Target price
€ 550.000
+ 7%! + 5%!
Target price
€ 125.000
+ 7%! + 7%!
Target price
€ 395.000
+ 7%! + 2%!
Target price
€ 289.000
+ 7%!
Target price
€ 169.500
+ 7%! + 0%!
Target price
€ 735.000
+ 7%! + 1%!
Target price
€ 247.500
+ 7%!
Target price
€ 350.000
+ 7%!
Target price
€ 249.500