For estate agent

Sell the homes of your customers with the most modern technology.


  • No extra costs for yourself and your client, because you are a Vastgoedpro agent
  • Receive lead-fee from Bieden & Wonen per property
  • Negotiate you own commission with your client (you won’t share this with us)
  • Retain the right to sell online or to sell the house privately
  • Bieden & Wonen will organize the fully auction for you
  • Stay responsible for all other brokerage activities
  • Stay in control of the sales process and strategy

Lead-fee for you as a Vastgoedpro agent

Are you thinking of selling a property with Bieden & Wonen via our online auction tool? We will give you a lead-fee for this because you will put effort into this. You will receive the lead-fee per property and at the end, once the property has been sold.

Curious about the lead-fee? Request the lead-fee without obligation from Bieden & Wonen via or contact one of our employees via 085 130 23 61.

Register a property for free of a client via your own FundaDesk?

Log in here via your own FundaDesk and follow the steps below.

1. Select the relevant property…

2. Click on “Order” in the Auction section…

3. Select “Bieden& Wonen” as the auction house

4. We will contact you to finish up the details!

Sell property with Bieden & Wonen

  • 1

    Register property

    After you have registered the property via our form, a Bieden & Wonen employee will first contact you to discuss the procedure.
  • 2

    Register a property through Funda Desk

    After we have contacted you, you can register the property in Funda Desk. Note: Are you a Vastgoedpro real estate agent? Then you can register homes for free on our platform!
  • 3

    Property registered

    The property is now listed. You are in charge and can arrange all regular brokerage services during the entire process. We organize the online auction.
  • 4

    Property sold!

    The statutory three-day cooling-off period starts and the resolutive conditions stated by the bidder in his registration are valid. The purchase deed is drawn up.
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Success stories

+ 7%!
Target price
€ 550.000
+ 7%! + 5%!
Target price
€ 125.000
+ 7%! + 7%!
Target price
€ 395.000
+ 7%! + 2%!
Target price
€ 289.000
+ 7%!
Target price
€ 169.500
+ 7%! + 0%!
Target price
€ 735.000
+ 7%! + 1%!
Target price
€ 247.500
+ 7%!
Target price
€ 350.000
+ 7%!
Target price
€ 249.500