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Sign up as a bidder, view the property and place your bid online.

Are you interested in a property that we have on offer? We use a standard and simple procedure for all candidates. The so-called “registration-verification-bidding” procedure.

First you need to sign up as a bidder on our website. This is also possible via the detail page of the relevant property. Then you don’t have to do anything else. We will verify your data. Once your data has been approved, you can bid directly on the relevant lot.


Viewing a property with the designated broker of the property is mandatory before you place a bid.


You can only make a bid online/offline on the house after you have been verified by a Bieden & Wonen employee and we have approved your data.


Please that in some cases we charge action costs for a property. You can find these auction costs on the detail page of the relevant property. The amount is specified under the “special auction conditions” section of the listing. You will also see these costs before your bid is final. The auction costs are also referred to as “Premium”.

Granting the property

Each home can be privately sold during the expiring auction time by the seller (or broker). The seller can therefore also choose the person with the “best bid” as the winner after the online auction instead of the “highest bidder”.

If a bid is made during the online auction which the seller finds acceptable, the online auction may be cancelled, and the seller can grant the property to the relevant bidder.

How can you bid on our platform?

  • 1

    Register as a bidder

    Enter your name and address and your personal details and upload a copy of your ID or passport. You then need to schedule an appointment to view the property with the broker.
  • 2

    We validate your data

    Bieden & Wonen verifies your personal data while you go and view the property with the relevant broker (viewing is mandatory).
  • 3

    Bid online on your dream house!

    After we have verified and approved your account, you will receive a username from Bieden & Wonen. Generate your password and log in (before the online auction of the property starts) to place your bid.
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