See below the frequently asked questions from our clients.
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Yes, Bieden en Wonen works with separate Bieden en Wonen locations. Each Bieden en Wonen location has at least one trained and certified Bieden en Wonen sales broker. A branch manager is also available per location.

The brokers at Bieden en Wonen have a preference for transparency. Since 2008, Bieden en Wonen has been trying to make the market public and transparent for both seller and buyers. To this end, Bieden en Wonen has developed special software for inspection of the bidding and selling process. With the traditional brokerage, the seller and buyer have no insight into the bids and the sales process. Therefor that is not transparant.

Bieden en Wonen is opgericht in 2008. Sindsdien zijn wij gestart met de samenwerking met makelaarskantoren in heel Nederland. Destijds waren er ongeveer 400 traditionele makelaarskantoren aangesloten. Sinds 2015/2016 heeft Bieden en Wonen besloten om zelf op de particuliere markt te gaan richten.

There are two packages which Bieden and Wonen offers. The “Samen Doen” package and the “Laten Doen” package. The “Samen Doen” package is for sellers who would like to do some of the work themselves. With this package, the seller does the viewings and writes the advertisement text him/herself. The ‘Laten Doen’ package is a full-service package in which the broker from Bieden en Wonen creates a tailor-made offer.

With both packages, a broker from Bieden en Wonen will always visit your home for an initial sales meeting and home inspection.

Both packages have a start-up rate of €475 (including 21% VAT). This is only for homes with a net surface up to 200m2. The start-up rate is calculated in advance for doing the home survey, taking professional photos, drawing up a NEN2580 measurement report and the 2D floor plans. Ask the broker what the costs are for eventual extras (add-ons) at Bieden en Wonen.

When the property is delivered via the notary’s office, the following rate per package will be settled with the seller.

‘Samen Doen’ package: € 1495 (incl. 21% VAT)
‘Laten Doen’ package: tailor-made offer (by broker)

No. Bieden en Wonen works on behalf of the seller. The software is equipped with certain auction elements. However, this is a sales strategy that Bieden en Wonen uses to increase the price and get the real market value for sellers. It is therefore a long way from a foreclosure auction or other type of auction. We also call this auction sale.

Bieden en Wonen will organize a new bidding round until we have sold the house. Optionally, a seller can consult with the broker to make a proposal for a price change.

A new bidding round will be organized by the central back office of Bieden en Wonen.

This means that the seller is never obliged to sell the house to one of the bidders, even if there is a highest bidder. The seller reserves the right to award the property. The seller also has a minimum selling price in this kind of sale. It is possible that a bid is made, but it could happen that the bid doesn’t exceed the minimum sales price of the seller. In this case, the seller reserves the right to not award and the seller is not obliged to sell.

Yes, the buyer always has a cooling-off period of 3 days after signing the preliminary purchase agreement.

Yes, it does not differ in terms of sales process from the traditional broker. The after trajectory remains the same. Only the bidding procedure is different.

Yes, the bids remain at least 3 days after the online bidding round. A bidder can remove the bids on request. Bieden en Wonen will only remove the bids when the bidder has indicated that he/she no longer wishes to participate in a possible new bidding round.

Yes, a notary is always involved. In addition, Bieden en Wonen also has an auctioneer who follows the process during these online bidding rounds (only for certain objects). The notary involved in the bidding rounds can optionally also be used for the delivery of the house. This is not a requirement. The buyer chooses the notary. Ask Bieden en Wonen who the civil-law notaries are which are involved for the bidding rounds.

These can be found on our website under the housing offer. You can also click on the relevant property there, after which the start and end times will be displayed.

You will automatically receive notifications of all bids you do, when you are outbid or when you make a proxy bid.

On the other hand, you will not receive an automatic notification from us when a (new) bidding round starts.

To make it easy for bidders when bidding, it is possible to use our automatic bidding robot (proxy). How does this work? The first time you want to bid, you immediately place your highest bid (that is your bid ceiling / maximum bid). Don’t forget to tick the box ‘proxy’ before bidding. Our system now places the first bid for you (starting price + minimum bidding step) after you click on ‘confirm bid’. If you have now been outbid, the system will immediately place the next bid on your behalf, again with the minimum bid step of that property. You will receive notifications from everywhere via e-mail (and soon also via SMS or Whatsapp).

Static bids are the normal manual bids. You do everything yourself.