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Bidding on a house can be a nerve-racking activity. Can you go below the asking price, or is it necessary in your region to offer significantly higher than the asking price? The traditional bidding process is an untransparent process. We at Bieden en Wonen have been changing this for 12 years. All homes that are sold through us are sold using our online bidding system. A transparent system where the bidder can see exactly what other interested parties have offered, so that you will always pay a fair price for your home.

Auction fee

As a bidder you will be charged an auction fee, only when the seller has approved your final bid. The fee ranges in between €2995,- and €4995,-, depending on the type of property you are bidding on. You can find the details on what fee is applying to the property in the property advertisement on our website.

How it works for the bidder

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    Sign up for a viewing

    Sign up for a house viewing through the Funda advertisement or through 085 130 23 61.
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    Register as a bidder

    Properties offered through Bieden en Wonen can only be purchased through the online auction. In order to participate in this online auction, you must register as a bidder. Your registration will be handled by the notary. Within 24 hours you will receive an email whether your profile has been approved or not.
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    The bidding process

    You can find the start and end times of the online auction in the advertisement on Funda and our website. You can place multiple bids as a bidder until the auction closes. All bids are visible online and displayed in real time. During the last hour of the auction, the auctioneer will contact all bidders.
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    Acceptance period

    The selling party has 3 days to choose the best offer. Within these 3 days you will hear whether your bid is the winning one. Our broker will contact you about this.
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    Purchase agreement and settlement

    Is your bid the winning bid? Congrats! The Bieden en Wonen Broker draws up the preliminary purchase agreement and takes care of the entire settlement with the notary for the transfer of ownership of the house.
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