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Bidding on a house is a nerve-racking activity. Can you start bidding below the asking price, or is it necessary in your region to offer significantly above the asking price? The traditional bidding process is a confusing bidding process. With Bieden en Wonen we have been changing this for 12 years. All homes that are sold by Bieden en Wonen have been sold through our online bidding system. It’s a transparent system where you can see exactly what other interested candidates have bid on a property. You will always pay a fair price for your home with us.

“Bidding online is a real relief. Pleasantly assisted and professionally guided with the purchase of our home.”


– Rob and Inge from Utrecht bought a home with Bieden en Wonen

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How does it work?

1. Plan your viewing

Schedule a viewing t0 see the property via the Funda website or phone our office at 085 130 23 61

2. Online registration

You must register via this link to be able to bid on the property. Your data will be checked by the notary afterwards. Within 1 working day we will hear by e-mail whether your profile has been approved as a bidder.

3. Bidding

You can find the auction start- and closing times of the online auction via the advertisement on Funda and on our website. You can place multiple bids as a bidder until the auction closes. All bids are visible online and shown in real time. During the last hour of the auction, the auctioneer will contact all bidders.

4. Approved offer

The seller has 3 working days after the auction has ended to choose the best offer. This is also known as the approval period. Within these 3 working days you will hear whether your bid is the winning bid. The estate agent of Bieden en Wonen will contact you about this.

Winning offer?

Is your bid the winning offer? Congratulations! The estate agent of Bieden en Wonen draws up the preliminary purchase agreement and takes care of the entire settlement with the notary for the transfer of ownership of the house.
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Auction fee

In addition to the usual costs for the buyer, the buyer pays auction costs, due to Bieden en Wonen is an auction house. With these auction fee we cover the costs for the auctioneer, platform notary during the online auction and the ‘auction fee’ for the auction house itself. You pay these costs after the transfer deed, which goes by the notary.

Mortgage check

We advise every bidder to have a mortgage calculation performed. Don’t have a mortgage advisor yet? We would like to introduce you to one of our mortgage partners.
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