About us

Brokers dedicated to transparency. Est. 2008.

About us

Bieden en Wonen is a commercial company in the brokerage industry, but has a unique bidding software. The distinction between traditional brokers is our unique software. The Bieden en Wonen company is founded after the great demand of having transparency in the real estate market and to gain quicker sales of properties. We are initiator in the market in The Netherlands with this online sales- and biddings strategy, since 2008. Our bidding process is online. With this intellectual technology, Bieden en Wonen makes it easier, faster and more transparent to buy and sell a house.


Bids are already transparent with us for both the seller and buyer when buying and selling with Bieden en Wonen. Bieden en Wonen’s mission is to make the sales process completely transparent and quicker with our special software. We are willing to develop our software continuously and expand this both nationally and internationally. Will you help us with our mission?


Company information

Bieden en Wonen consists of several locations in the Netherlands and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under the name ‘Bieden en Wonen BV’. Bieden en Wonen BV is the head office. The Chamber of Commerce number of our main office is 34297220. The VAT number is NL8191.83.982.B01. Each Bieden en Wonen location has its own Chamber of Commerce number and unique VAT number and therefore they are unique entities. These can be found on the website of the Chamber of Commerce.


Bieden en Wonen locations

Part of our service to customers is the local expertise that we want to be able to offer. Every housing market in the Netherlands (and abroad) is different. Bieden en Wonen claims that the concept can be applied anywhere (in the world). But a local agent needs to provide the right approach for a sales strategy. For this we have trained and certified Bieden en Wonen brokers who come to your home for the home inspection and / or viewings. View our locations here.